Meet Dagster

A system for building modern data applications

Dagster allows infrastructure engineers, data engineers, and data scientists to seamlessly collaborate to process and produce the trusted, reliable data needed in today's world.

Elegant Programming Model

Dagster is a set of abstractions for building self-describing, testable, and reliable data applications. It embraces the principles of functional data programming; gradual, optional typing; and testability as a first-class value.

Flexible & Incremental

Dagster integrates with your existing tools and infrastructure, and can invoke any computation–whether it be Spark, Python, a Jupyter notebook, or SQL. It is also designed to deploy to any workflow engine, such as Airflow.

Beautiful Tools

Dagster's development environment, dagit–designed for data engineers, machine learning engineers, data scientists–enables astoundingly productive local development.


We’re hiring

Elementl is building the next generation of open source data tools. As part of our founding team, you’ll work with an experienced team of engineers with a passion for tools, quality engineering, and moving fast.

Our current openings are below. To get in touch or apply, email


If you are a full stack frontend engineer with a passion for developer and infrastructure tools, this is your opportunity to build critical, beautiful tools for data scientists and engineers in a modern UI stack.


Building a platform for data engineering requires strong data engineers. We are looking for engineers who have both lived the problem and believe that with the right systems and abstractions, a fundamentally new and better path is possible.


We shape our tools, and our tools shape us. We believe deeply in the power of tools, and that the right tools and abstractions enable not just technological transformation, but also organizational transformation. We need more collaborators who believe in that vision and have a passion for building it.



Nick Schrock

Nick is the founder of Elementl. Prior to Elementl he was a Principal Engineer and Director at Facebook between 2009-17, where he founded the Product Infrastructure team and co-created GraphQL.

Nate Kupp

Nate joined Elementl after five years at Thumbtack, where he was the Director of Infrastructure & Data Science. Previously, he worked at Apple and earned his Ph.D. from Yale in applied machine learning. 

Alex Langenfeld

Alex was a staff engineer and engineering manager at Facebook for seven years before joining Elementl. His work at Facebook spanned search, GraphQL, Relay, and Oculus.

Max Gasner

Max cofounded Bee, a startup bank, and Prior Knowledge, a machine-learning-focused startup acquired by Salesforce in 2012.



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