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San Francisco/Minneapolis/RemoteFull-time

About the role

You are a technical writer with experience writing documentation for developer tools in the data infrastructure space and a demonstrated ability for shipping documentation that accelerates developer productivity and product adoption. You are interested in or have experience with data engineering and data science. You have collaborated on building innovative documentation platforms and have a knack for explaining complex concepts in intuitive-to-grasp ways. You are passionate about progressive disclosure of complexity, information discoverability, and clear, accessible writing. You enjoy fostering a documentation culture, gathering user feedback, and delighting users.

At Elementl, you will create world-class, industry-leading documentation for Dagster, a tool that reimagines what data platforms can be. Your documentation will help users understand Dagster’s abstractions, as well as accomplish tasks using its Python API and web GUI.

More than just explaining what Dagster is and how to use it, though, you will ultimately lead the development of documentation as a product. The platform you help build serves two purposes, both crucial to the team’s success:

  • Help users learn a new technology through delightful, educational experiences.
  • Provide the team with insights into what users need most out of Dagster by setting up the docs site to fire the relevant events, doing regular analysis of the data, making recommendations based on the findings.



  • Explain Dagster’s fundamental concepts and value propositions so users of different technical capabilities can understand its potential––this might include text, visuals, or video.
  • Provide detailed guides to help users accomplish their tasks using the product.
  • Proactively maintain a backlog of work to be done by developing relationships with the product and engineering teams, as well as the Dagster community.

Platform development

  • Improve existing documentation infrastructure using your expertise in information architecture, content management systems, etc.
  • Develop KPIs for the documentation and instrument a telemetry system to measure your progress toward those goals.
  • Distill data from documentation site into feedback to product and engineering teams.
  • Lead the development of the platform by identifying improvements, and collaborating with engineering teams to execute on solutions.

Work with a great team

We’re an early-stage, well-funded, and collegial team with a proven track record of shipping open source software with global adoption, looking for creative, curious, effective, and empathetic engineers. We put a premium on respectful, clear, and complete communication.

We shape our tools, and our tools shape us. We believe deeply that the right tools and abstractions enable not just technological transformation, but also organizational transformation.

We strive to put the user and their hard work at the center of our decision making. In practice, that means we are looking for product leaders who act as advocates for the user.

All of our open source work is done publicly. You can gain context about how we collaborate as a team and the problems we work on by exploring GitHub and looking at our code reviews.

You belong here

We are committed to building an inclusive team and an open source community where no one feels out of place. We know that teams with diverse backgrounds state their assumptions more explicitly, think more rigorously, and build better software. Plus it's more fun and interesting to work with a wide variety of perspectives.

It's good for everyone when underrepresented people get involved in the early stages of growth companies (and the access to capital, expertise, and network that comes with that involvement), and we strongly encourage people from groups that are presently underrepresented in software engineering to apply.

You should apply to work at Elementl if you want to work in, and help to build and strengthen, a high-performing environment where people of all backgrounds are welcome.

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