Build the next generation of open source data tools

As part of our founding team, you’ll work with an experienced team of engineers with a passion for tools, quality engineering, and moving fast.

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About Us

We’re an early-stage, well-funded, and collegial team with a proven track record of shipping open source software with global adoption, looking for creative, curious, effective, and empathetic team members.

We shape our tools, and our tools shape us. We believe deeply that the right tools and abstractions enable not just technological transformation, but also organizational transformation.

All of our open source work is done publicly. You can gain context about how we collaborate as a team and the problems we work on by exploring GitHub and looking at our code reviews.

We strive to put the user and their hard work at the center of our decision making. In practice, that means we are looking for product leaders who act as advocates for the user.

Have fun with us

About the team

We’re a small, well-funded, and collegial team with a proven track record of shipping open source software with global adoption, looking for creative, curious, effective, and empathetic engineers. We put a premium on respectful, clear, and complete communication.

Why join us

Our Engineering Principles

Abstractions and Tools Can Transform Work: The team is comprised of engineers who have seen first hand the power of abstractions to change the way people work and to event reshape entire ecosystems. Tools built for underserved builders can transform their professional lives and the users they serve.

Diverse Experiences Matter: Some of us are steeped in the data domain; some of us are not. We believe that this diversity of viewpoints is an asset, not a liability, as we come at the problem with fresh perspectives. It is a way of structurally having a "beginner's mindset", examining problems from first principles without being overburdened by dogma and jargon. Meanwhile, the experience on the team keeps us grounded in the reality of the current state of the ecosystem and the practical problems on the ground.

Respect the Problem: We respect the problems that developers face, even if they appear like "grunt work" or drudgery at face value. We've seen firsthand the power of tools and abstractions (such as GraphQL and React) that elevate previously draining and frustrating work to work that is productive, engaging, and joyful.

Velocity with Purpose and Excellence: We believe in moving with velocity, purpose, and excellence. We don't believe that there is a tradeoff between velocity and quality. Indeed we believe that velocity increases quality, by fixing issues and incorporating feedback quickly, rapidly exploring ideas, as well as making the practice of building software more fun and enjoyable.

Pragmatism With Principles: We believe that incremental process and at-scale, revolutionary change go hand-in-hand. We combine ruthless pragmatism, strategic thinking, and core values in order to achieve our objectives.

Sustainable, High Output Engineering: While we believe productivity and velocity are important, we do not do so at the expense of quality of life. By choosing our problems carefully, having good judgement, prioritizing tooling over process, and moving with speed and purpose, we can move mountains as an organization while still having fulfilling lives outside of work.


Our Future

We're an early stage company with ambitious goals and high potential financial upside. In addition to generous stock options for our employees, we offer a 401k plan and an annual learning stipend for continuing education and other resources including books and subscriptions.

Our Perks

We have offices across the U.S. and flexible working hours. Every employee is provided a remote work stipend to cover the cost of home office equipment and anything else that makes your remote work location comfortable, productive, or successful. And if you’d rather not work from home, we’ll cover the cost of a coworking or office space while we’re fully remote.

Our Health and Family

We take care of our team with comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Vision plans. To promote a healthy work-life balance, we offer generous PTO including unlimited sick leave and an extended holiday break. When an employee adds a new member to their family, they’re covered with 12 weeks of paid family leave (and a Dagster onesie!).

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